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Software Development

Software Development provides all its partners – travel agencies, airlines, consolidators and affiliates with efficient and easy to implement software solutions to meet their travel needs. The technology we’ve developed is highly customizable and its platform allows the additional applications to be separated and used independently from the main product. This option provides our clients with the unique opportunity to shape up their activity depending on their specific target markets, partnership relations and business goals. The principles of are automating the travel industry, offering easy to use software solutions, flexible in terms of management and accounting of the results.

Our system operates on the Worldspan platform and serves both leisure and business travellers by providing an Internet Booking Engine, interface and support (account management) of the tailor-made software products.

By using’s software development services you will profit from:

  • Highly customizable IBE
  • Rapid site implementation
  • Travel oriented software developers with rich background in this field

The benefits you will get:

  • increased revenue
  • competitiveness
  • cost saving
  • adding content
  • flexibility
  • improving sales process
  • expanding sales process
  • time saving
  • streamlining the investment process

Fare Loading and Management

Fare Loading and Management’s fare loading services are a cost-effective and powerful marketing tool for all company partners – airlines, travel agencies and affiliates.

Promoting their cheap flights online using our IBE airlines are able to require a markup and/or markdown of their fares. They have the freedom to change fare pricing without prior notice and take advantage of the dynamic mark-down option for consolidator fares.

To be online with our professional travel system means to offer your clients the best flight prices and to control your business plan.

For the travel agency to be online using fare loading service through’s IBE means to let the world find its discounted flight offers.

Your special consolidator or specially discounted airline fare deals could be included in’s proprietary airfare database. Our IBE integrates both published (retail) and consolidator airfares at the point of sale.

We have developed automated converters to facilitate the importing of your special airfares and update them from different sources into our database thus making them available for your use. Use our fare management to make your cheap flight offers because:

  • It supports both a Worldspan database of published fares and a proprietary database of consolidator fares including net and markdown from published
  • It supports GDS “best fares” search features and seamlessly integrates them with consolidator fares at the point of sale
  • It provides detailed information about fare rules
  • It enables the dynamic mark-down of consolidator fares’s affiliates benefit from fare management products, too.

As an affiliate, through our database and that of Worldspan, you access all published retail fares plus consolidator fares – fares sold at huge discounts by ticket consolidators buying in bulk from airlines – to all worldwide destinations. This is the shortest and most user-friendly way of an inexpensive, hassle-free online flight, hotels and cars self-booking.

By using’s Fare loading and management services our partners benefit from:

  • Experienced fares loading team with travel agents able to correctly interpret even the most sophisticated rules and routings.
  • Processing methods and tools greatly enhance the productivity of fare loading agents.
  • Proprietary and standard (e.g. STADAF) electronic fares exchange formats and automated converters allow overnight updates of millions of fares.

In addition’s fares management:

  • Includes consolidator or specially discounted airline fares in proprietary database
  • Integrates published (retail) and consolidator airfares seamlessly at the point of sale
  • Supports GDS ‘best fare’ search features
  • Percentage or flat markup/markdown of consolidator fares
  • Percentage markup/markdown of published fares
  • Automated converters for fare loading

The benefits you will get:

  • cost saving
  • increased revenue
  • increased market share
  • competitiveness
  • ability to promote content
  • 24/7 fare update ability
  • flexible contract formats
  • time saving