A Traveller’s Guide To Finding And Meeting Escorts

Do you wish to find and meet escorts? The following is a traveller’s guide, written by one who has been in the business since he was young. It should help you find what you want more easily…

There are three ways of finding an escort: from your own country; abroad; or through another person.

It’s easiest to ask a friend if they know anyone. A trustworthy, honest friend would probably not have any ulterior motives for making such a suggestion. If all else fails, try the classifieds section of your local paper or Internet site.

If you’re travelling, it can be difficult to find someone at short notice, but most countries have some sort of escort service – usually just one or two girls operating out of their homes. This is especially true in countries where prostitution isn’t illegal (such as France). You can find numerous escorts on sites such as Mega Personals advertising their services. Call ahead and see if there are any services available to tourists. Most will advertise with photos on the back page of the tourist brochures.

The second way is through other travellers, usually those who’ve returned from holidays abroad. They’ll often recommend their favourite girl or even point you towards one they think might suit your needs. Again, try to get references and check them carefully before deciding whether to call.

Finally, there’s always the chance that you might come across an escort while you’re away. If she’s good enough, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go ahead. Just make sure that you don’t spend too much time together – the last thing you’d want to do is to become emotionally involved with her!

When choosing a girl, bear in mind that looks aren’t everything. Don’t be put off by a less attractive girl if she possesses certain qualities which you value. A good example would be someone who’s shy and caring, rather than one who’s overly promiscuous. In fact, one of my best experiences was with a girl who was just average looking. She had a nice figure and a very warm personality, so I didn’t feel in danger of being used or exploited. We talked for hours about our lives and interests, getting to know each other better. It helped that we were both single, and this made me feel like I was doing something perfectly normal – until she began asking me about the size of my penis!

Whatever you decide to do, remember that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get laid. Enjoy yourself… and, if you’re lucky, your holiday might end up being the best vacation you ever take.