Software Development

Software Development provides all its partners – travel agencies, airlines, consolidators and affiliates with efficient and easy to implement software solutions to meet their travel needs. The technology we’ve developed is highly customizable and its platform allows the additional applications to be separated and used independently from the main product. This option provides our clients with the unique opportunity to shape up their activity depending on their specific target markets, partnership relations and business goals. The principles of are automating the travel industry, offering easy to use software solutions, flexible in terms of management and accounting of the results.

Our system operates on the Worldspan platform and serves both leisure and business travellers by providing an Internet Booking Engine, interface and support (account management) of the tailor-made software products.

By using’s software development services you will profit from:

  • Highly customizable IBE
  • Rapid site implementation
  • Travel oriented software developers with rich background in this field

The benefits you will get:

  • increased revenue
  • competitiveness
  • cost saving
  • adding content
  • flexibility
  • improving sales process
  • expanding sales process
  • time saving
  • streamlining the investment process



Our professional and well-trained team of telemarketers speaks all major European and non-European languages – English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Danish, Korean, Russian, Bulgarian, Hebrew. offers outbound telemarketing services around the clock in two different market fields – business to business and business to consumer options. We invest in the training of our employees considering the specificity of the customer we serve and assure high-quality implementation of the service provided, according to the international legislation. Telemarketing is an inexpensive way of market products becomes more and more popular as an effective way of quickly selling. gives you the opportunity to benefit from this marketing tool at the optimum price and guarantee the best results.

The benefits you will get:

  • time saving
  • cost saving
  • increased revenue
  • increased new customer acquisition
  • increased brand awareness
  • promotion
  • personal approach

Fare Loading and Management

Fare Loading and Management’s fare loading services are a cost-effective and powerful marketing tool for all company partners – airlines, travel agencies and affiliates.

Promoting their cheap flights online using our IBE airlines are able to require a markup and/or markdown of their fares. They have the freedom to change fare pricing without prior notice and take advantage of the dynamic mark-down option for consolidator fares.

To be online with our professional travel system means to offer your clients the best flight prices and to control your business plan.

For the travel agency to be online using fare loading service through’s IBE means to let the world find its discounted flight offers.

Your special consolidator or specially discounted airline fare deals could be included in’s proprietary airfare database. Our IBE integrates both published (retail) and consolidator airfares at the point of sale.

We have developed automated converters to facilitate the importing of your special airfares and update them from different sources into our database thus making them available for your use. Use our fare management to make your cheap flight offers because:

  • It supports both a Worldspan database of published fares and a proprietary database of consolidator fares including net and markdown from published
  • It supports GDS “best fares” search features and seamlessly integrates them with consolidator fares at the point of sale
  • It provides detailed information about fare rules
  • It enables the dynamic mark-down of consolidator fares’s affiliates benefit from fare management products, too.

As an affiliate, through our database and that of Worldspan, you access all published retail fares plus consolidator fares – fares sold at huge discounts by ticket consolidators buying in bulk from airlines – to all worldwide destinations. This is the shortest and most user-friendly way of an inexpensive, hassle-free online flight, hotels and cars self-booking.

By using’s Fare loading and management services our partners benefit from:

  • Experienced fares loading team with travel agents able to correctly interpret even the most sophisticated rules and routings.
  • Processing methods and tools greatly enhance the productivity of fare loading agents.
  • Proprietary and standard (e.g. STADAF) electronic fares exchange formats and automated converters allow overnight updates of millions of fares.

In addition’s fares management:

  • Includes consolidator or specially discounted airline fares in proprietary database
  • Integrates published (retail) and consolidator airfares seamlessly at the point of sale
  • Supports GDS ‘best fare’ search features
  • Percentage or flat markup/markdown of consolidator fares
  • Percentage markup/markdown of published fares
  • Automated converters for fare loading

The benefits you will get:

  • cost saving
  • increased revenue
  • increased market share
  • competitiveness
  • ability to promote content
  • 24/7 fare update ability
  • flexible contract formats
  • time saving

BPO Services

BPO Services experience in the travel domain comes from the 12 years company overall experience in supporting and helping expand B2B customers worldwide (travel agencies and airlines using IBE and other services), as well as B2C experience (supporting international online end customers bookings through websites as well as traditional models of travel agency support).

Part of business is full time operating IATA and Tour Operator licensed Travel Agency and customer care. has experience as an OTA, offering Multi-lingual Customer Support services to its own website and white label network (1500 websites and portals) of customers worldwide, queries and requests regarding flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises and other travel-related products and services from B2C customers in different locations worldwide:

  • has multi-location fulfillment capabilities experience for 12 years (ability to issue remotely tickets through travel agency partners and franchises in the UK, US, Italy, Holland, Greece, France, and other countries . This has contributed to the global market experience in working with airline and other content providers operating on different markets.
  • provides multi-language support to those customer inquiries
  • staff are all IATA certified and with University Degrees(Most in Tourism), with extensive GDS and CRS experience (currently actively using Galileo, Worldspan, Amadeus and Sabre) as well as experience in working in an OTA environment (technical and online support capabilities)
  • has carefully selected employees with experience in servicing customers within various specific segments – business, luxury, leisure travel – providing air travel and hospitality reservation services (researches using both GDS and online based providers, direct contracts, bookings and post-booking activities) and Management staff with years of experience in the travel domain.

Our expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Making travel reservations (flight, hotel, car rental, cruises and packages)
  • Supporting website customer inquiries
  • Accepting credit card payments and working with payment gateways
  • Ability to cover multiple market requirements and multi-location fulfilment capability
  • Supporting a ‘typical’ Travel Agent’s fulfilment process – ticketing, voids, amendments, exchanges, refunds, ADM etc.
  • Providing helpdesk services to other travel agencies (via emulation into their PCC’s ) and Worldspan 1st level agency helpdesk
  • BPO – full time dedicated staff to hotel providers and hotels
  • Virtual Hotel reception desk, auxiliary services for hotels – concierge services or Hotel Website Of the Future (support of online dynamic packages)
  • Non-IATA travel agencies support as an IATA ticketing location (over 100 agencies)
  • Home based travel agents model travel-related customer support experience includes support both on a full-time and part-time agent basis, as well as dedicated personnel and transaction-based support. travel contact centre supports any channel and way in which the customer chooses to contact us depending on the business model. Those include simultaneous and dedicated customer support provided by:

  • email
  • telephone including toll free and Skype numbers worldwide terminated to TSM call center lines
  • mobile phones
  • chat channels
  • on-line tickets systems
  • face to face customer service in our Sofia office Customer Support department handles roughly 8000 to 10 000 inquiries per month and has 12 years of experience (including 24/7 support for over 8 years) Our BPO customers – short case studies:

TravelClick Inc – established its TravelClcik Inc support team in February 2009. Services have been implemented in major European languages to support customers using TravelClick products and solutions via email and phone. The initial team consisted of 5 support agents growing up to 21 dedicated agents until June 2011 when TravelClcik changed their global customer care strategy and reorganized their call centre activities as well. Overall, the team achieved a very high success rate and was even involved in some special projects in which the support provided to TravelClcik’s customers was evaluated high. The portfolio included 400 mid and big size hotels and hotel chains in EMEA.

Genesis Travel Group is a company that provided an IBE to 400 travel agencies in the USA and Canada along with 1st level Worldspan functionality helpdesk. provided 24/7 full-time agents and technical support for Genesis Travel Group customers, answering Worldspan general-format questions, Worldspan ticketing questions (including new issuance, voids, refunds) and Worldspan functionality questions. Additionally, provided 24/7 ticket fulfilment services to Genesis Travel Alliance customers, monitored queues for ticketing, forwarded tickets to Genesis ticket printers, and handled voids/refunds/exchanges/schedule changes via chat/e-mail/phone. is an e-travel company and one of the earliest customers to whom provided 24/7 dedicated support to end clients in Europe and the USA, making flight reservations online through websites using own technology. About one month after the start of the project developed a training document with best practices and ways to avoid the most common mistakes that were used as a base reference for the training of all newly hired agents. The project started with 2 dedicated agents (day shift), and within one year due to a significant increase of volumes, the support staff increased to 8 dedicated agents covering 24/7. call centre services expand to support other (non- travel-related) business domains applying the latest technology and best practices for inbound, outbound and e-contact services that can be customized to meet the requirements of any business model.

1. Inbound services

  • Customer service
  • Product support
  • Order taking
  • Sales support (upsells, down-sells, cross-sells)

2. Outbound services

  • Customer service and retention
  • Lead generation and qualification
  • Surveys and market research
  • Sales support (upsells, down-sells, cross-sells)
  • Registrations
  • Renewals
  • Web callback

3. E-contact services

  • Web chat
  • Email support service

4. Data Management

In the Era of high technologies quick and easy access to data as well as data, integrity are crucial for a successful business. Management of data sometimes is a complex and time-consuming activity that can affect your company’s effectiveness and slow down your growth. Bulpros Data Management services conform to security principles of ISO 27001 standard and include:

  • Data entry
  • Data processing
  • Data capture
  • Data mining
  • Data converting

5. Content Management

  • Document management
  • Catalogue management
  • Content conversion
  • Document archival and retrieval

E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing e-mail marketing is a tailor-made marketing solution helping you to target the right customers for your products or services by creating an effective strategy including targeting of potential audiences, writing and design of marketing messages, e-mail personalization, submission, reporting and analyzing the results achieved. This efficient and result oriented service is easily implemented with small budgets and for sure can empower your business optimization. In addition, our team is working with all major European and non-European languages – English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Danish, Korean, Russian and Bulgarian, Hebrew. This makes us unique in terms of meeting the international requirements of our partners.

The benefits you will get:

  • increased revenue
  • time saving
  • cost saving
  • marketing benefits
  • new customers acquisition
  • promotion
  • personal approach to existing customers
  • increased brand awareness
  • customer loyalty

For Hoteliers

For Hoteliers

Turn your Hotel website into Travel Portal of the Future

Hotel Inventory Management System for individual hotels and hotel chains. Show and sell your own rates and inventory in real-time, which you will load through a user-friendly proprietary hotel database, completed with reporting functionality and integrated Google and Satellite interactive maps.

In addition:

  • Flight reservations
  • Flight + Hotel Dynamic Packaging
  • Reservations for Hotels in other cities
  • Car reservations

You earn a commission for each flight, hotel in other city and car booking.

  • State of the Art Hotel Reservation System
  • Easy to Manage Availability and Rates
  • Increased customer’s satisfaction from Dynamic Packaging
  • Users spend more time on your web site = increased site ranking
  • Added Value for your web site visitors
  • Expert Customer Care and Helpdesk for the flight, car and other city hotel reservations
  • Additional Channel of Distribution for your own content = your Hotel on the websites of 120 Travel Agencies and 2000 affiliate web sites who use technology

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

As a business process outsourcing provider offers also Search Engine Optimization services and field-related Keyword analysis, Link development, Conversion tracking. Our team will optimize your page by making it reliable to search engines and emphasizing key topics related to your content.

We could simply make your site visible on the web, but we also offer advanced optimization including significant research into every element of page design, site structure, and off-the-page criteria. As part of this process, professionals determine which keywords to target, determine their popularity, assess the amount of competition, and decide which keywords can be best supported with quality content.

The final goal is to achieve a higher position for your page in the search results of search engines. This is a proven precondition for your site to increase its popularity and to augment the number of its visitors. Increased traffic towards your site results in more results for you.

The benefits you will get:

  • increased revenue
  • new customers acquisition
  • increased site visits
  • expanded market reach
  • increased brand name rating
  • competitiveness

For Travel Agencies Tour Operators

For Travel Agencies Tour Operators

It is’s philosophy that the travel business belongs to travel agencies and that travel agents remain in the best position to serve customers. To help you do that we have developed unique travel technology and distribution opportunities offering benefits to travel agencies.

While customers depend on an agency’s expert travel services, travel agencies can depend on’s expert travel technology.

  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced operating costs
  • User friendliness
  • Variety of options to offer
  • Ability to serve different market segments online
  • Increased sales revenue

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

By joining our Affiliate Program any website or portal is able to integrate a one-stop location for their visitors to purchase travel services, maximizing their earning potential. branding technology allows you to create a company-branded travel site that will enhance your site content and launch you into the significant and growing internet travel marketplace.

Your visitors will have access to extremely competitive airfares.’s Internet Booking Engine (IBE) uses GDS published airfares, specially discounted consolidator airfares and low-cost carrier airfares. By using our IBE you will receive a higher level of customer satisfaction and be positioned to respond to competitive market demand for universal travel solutions offering the maximum options for flight, car and hotel bookings.

You will attract and retain visitors with the ability to search and compare special fares and rates, plan and book flights, hotel rooms and rental cars online. The content, currently available in the IBE, consists of 455 airlines (including over 100 Low-cost carriers), 45 of the biggest hotel providers (, GTA, GoGlobal, Travco, etc) managing over 80,000 properties and one of the biggest global car rental providers with over 18,000 locations worldwide.

You will be able to service a multi-national and multi-lingual clientele. The IBE product is available in 22 languages and handles multiple currencies.

Products that you can offer to your site visitors:

  • Air fare
  • Hotel
  • Car rentals
  • Flight + Hotel Dynamic packaging

Why partner with

  • Competitive compensation scheme
  • Multilingual Internet Booking engine
  • Affiliate account management support
  • Online sales activity report
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Access to over 400,000 Hotels, 455 regular and low-cost carriers and special consolidator airfares
  • Real time bookings
  • Easy-to-use booking platform
  • Multi-lingual Customer Support Center

Who can become one of branded affiliate members:

Anyone over 18 years of age, operating a website or a homepage who accepts the terms and conditions stated in our Affiliate Agreement.

Any website, which is owned and/or operated by a travel agency or tour operator may be denied affiliation without prior notice. In any case, when the other party to this Affiliate Agreement falls within this category.

Web design

Web design’s Web Department offers the Travel & Leisure industries cutting-edge design and development services at a competitive price. With over 30 years of combined professional experience, our Web team is committed to providing high end, custom fit, and innovative websites, banners, and user interface applications that will meet and exceed your Travel business needs.


Website Design & Development

Whether you currently have a website or have not yet taken your business online, our web specialists can assess your business needs, and recommend a suitable course of action. We provide the following services:

  • Consultation
  • Banner and Advertizing design
  • Website design & development
  • Web site re-design or completion
  • Web site maintenance

Please review our online

User Interface

Our design & development team is deeply familiar with the TravelStoreMaker Booking Engine and Storefront. Intimately familiar with its features and technical requirements, TSM Design Inc. works together with the developers on Interface every release and quick Search Form solutionsDemo page– Connected to the booking engine
– Default and customizable designsAutoresizable iFrameExplanation and demo links– Seamless IBE integration