5 Signs You Have Perfect Sexual Chemistry

Ah, the fine line between a regular hookup and a passionate one where there is some sexual chemistry. From the touches, kisses, and looks a fire is ignited in your body and you’re ready to rip off all of their clothes the moment you’re in their vicinity.

I’m sure a person comes to mind about instant physical attraction and connection, and I guarantee these signs depict your moments together.

1. Quickly Turned On:

The constant arousal you feel when you and this person are together says something about your sexual chemistry. Both of your pheromones just line up, and your mind automatically turned to r-rated thoughts when you see them.

Being able to get worked up within a matter of minutes whether you’ve just done the dirty or met up is a definite sign that there is more than just a connection with them; it’s called sexual chemistry.

2. Nonverbal Cues:

With the slightest touch or even look you know you and this person are on the same page. You both want to get down and dirty the first second you get alone. Even the inappropriate sly touching you do when no one is looking just sends shivers down your spine.

There’s just something about finding a person that gets you without saying anything whether something’s on your mind or you’re simply turned on by their existence.

3. Equally Satisfied:

It’s difficult for both parties to reach climax every single time but trust me; the impossible can be done. If you’re more than likely getting off and feeling pleased with every intimate moment, then chances are you found your sexual soulmate.

4. Excess PDA:

You can’t help but have your hands all over each other when you’re around one another. This tension and energy force is pulling you two together where you can’t help but give in to the temptation. Whether you’re confident enough to have full on makeout sessions in front of an audience or always holding hands, you must be touching them in some way at all times.

The majority of the time you don’t even know you’re doing it because it feels so natural so be physically close to them when you’re together.

5. Laugh It Off:

Being sexual, especially when experimenting can get a little awkward if you’re not with someone that you can’t laugh it off with. Whether your long hair is always getting in the way or you can’t seem to find the position where everything is going in smoothly, you end up sharing a laugh and getting down to business in a more romantic way.

Having real sexual chemistry with someone is hard to come by so once you’ve found someone you share this with, try not to let them go. It will make every sexual encounter after them less pleasurable because that person just spoke your body language, not everyone will be able to speak it.

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